Raxalpe – nature paradise

The Raxalpe region is aloof from mass tourism. Here you can enjoy all kind of activities in the nature.

The Rax is a mountain range at the border of the Austrian federal provinces Lower Austria and Styria, situated in the Northern Limestone Alps.

Its highest peak is the Heukuppe at 2007 m. The Rax together with the nearby Schneeberg as a traditional mountaineering resort are called the Wiener Hausberge (Vienna's local mountains). They are separated by the deep Höllental (Hell Valley).

By the Raxseilbahn aerial tramway in Hirschwang at the north-eastern foot of the range, the first in Austria (commencement of construction was 1925), the extensive high plateau of the Rax at about 1,500 m is an easily attainable tour area and a particular favourite with hikers from Lower Austria and Vienna. The steep flanks of the plateau offer climbing tours of various degrees of difficulty.

These steige (trails) and the hütten, alpine huts offering basic accommodation, were built and are kept intact by several Austrian Alpine Clubs. They were erected in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Rehabilitation Clinic Raxblick

Located in the historic health resort for nobility of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Reichenau an der Rax.

Enjoy the marvellous view over the alpine landscape and breathe the fresh air of the mountains that will generate power and energy to you!

T H E  N E W LY  B U I LT  C L I N I C  M E E T S  T H E  H I G H E S T  S TA N D A R D S

  • restaurant with spectacular view over the mountains
  • top wellness area
  • well-trained therapists
  • treatments available for orthopaedic complaints