Rehabilitation Clinic Perchtoldsdorf

Rehabilitation Clinic Perchtoldsdorf near Vienna

  • 5-star comfort rehabilitation clinic with first-class service
  • 24h medical assistance
  • stylish and comfortable rooms with balcony, satellite (channels in multiple languages available), internet, telephone, minibar, tea and coffee maker, fully equipped bathroom
  • wonderful location next to the Perchtoldsdorfer Heide
  • wellness area with indoor swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool, sauna area, fitness room, relaxation rooms

Training therapies

  • Š Individual physiotherapy program
  • Š Underwater exercises
  • Š Sensomotoric and balance training
  • Š Strength training
  • Š Endurance training


  • Š Reflex zones massage
  • Š Lymph drainage
  • Š Deep friction massage
  • Š Trigger-Point massage
  • Š Underwater pressure massage

Thermo therapies

  • Š Mudpack (full/part body)
  • Š Red light therapy
  • Š Cryotherapy
  • Š Thermal & Paraffin wrap


  • Š Electro-neuro-stimulation therapy
  • Š Shock wave therapy
  • Š Iontophoresis
  • Š Exponential & diadynamic currents


  • Š Carbon dioxide bath
  • Š Hydroelectric bath
  • Š Medicinal bath (Sole)
  • Š Moor-sulphur bath

Other therapies

  • Š Laser therapy
  • Š Magnetic field therapy