Bauer Bandage®

Nanologix is a company based in the Czech Republic which operates as a commercial subject for Research and development in the area of respiratory equipment with a common inspiratory and expiratory vent. The main focus of the company is the innovatione and development of exclusive products for any form of first responders – armed forces, police, fire and rescue, paramedics, biological, and medical  personnel.

The inventor of this medical device is Mr. Bauer Vaclav, who is actively evolving active carbon bandage since 1998. They are intended as for human as for veterinary use.

Bandage containing activated carbon intended for the cleaning of all types of difficult healing wounds and defects and to stop surface bleeding. Bandage coated with purified activated carbon with microfilament form and with osmotic boosted sorption properties, sterile, intended for single use. Used for effective cleaning of non-healing wounds (especially trophic, ulcerous, suppurated surfaces, etc), complicated surgical wounds, wounds with bacterial contamination, to eliminate odors from wounds and to stop bleeding (outside arterial bleeding).